Mbaliyethu Sithole


Mbalyethu Sithole is more than just an innocent face and a pretty smile, she’s a passionate social media influencer with a great habit of being out spoken. There’s nothing she love more than engaging in topics and getting to the core of a story, maybe it comes with majoring in drama studies.

Apart from that, she has shown tremendous growth in single handedlyย  making a name for herself on one of the leading social media platforms in South Africa (twitter). Through the love and support shown by other twitter users, her love for the platform grew more and more. This growth has led to brand owners gearing up to work with her.


One can never know where to start when it comes to saying thank you to all the people who have shown you support, making something of yourself takes involving others and pray their hopes and dreams are with you and thank them by results showing them that their support has brought meaning to your life.

Keep it social.