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    The millionaire

    Road Accident Fund has paid millions to people who were involved in road accidents. Many people have become millionaires over night. Getting the money is not easy though, it takes years running up and down with lawyers. One would plan and say what they going to do with the money once they receive it, but very few people use it wisely. A year or 2 down the line the person is back to being broke and poor, a laughing stock of the community. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to “the millionaire “. She lived in a 1 room cottage with her kids and their father for years.…

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    Ekasi lami

    Kasi Life Growing up in a township will sometimes force you to grow up fast, you might skip a few stages of your youth and become an adult at a very young age. Poverty, alcohol, drugs, crime is what most of us grew up being exposed to. Kinder got used to it. I mean it’s part of life,but damn townships can be fun. The things we see everyday,the things that people do that got one saying “God I also wanna be tested with a few thousands, I just wanna see if ill also go crazy”. Ey abantu bayabhayiza (people can be dumb sometimes)… Let me tell you a story about…

  • Sleeping beauty
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    Honestly, having more than one female under one roof for a very long time is never a good idea. We are all created differently and we want different things. Especially when it comes to the house and how it looks, and also how we behave around our partners. I would never stay with my mother in-law under the same roof for a very long time, even though Iโ€™m not married yet. Luckily Iโ€™ve already met my potential mother in-law and sheโ€™s such a sweet heart, maybe itโ€™s because she only gave birth to boys. She loves all her sons but Iโ€™ve also seen how close they are, my boyfriend and…

  • famiy feud
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    Families are a gift from God and you can never choose your family members. Growing up in a united loving family is a blessing. Family can make you or they can just about do the exact opposite. My view on what causes this unhealthy habit, includes the following… Favoritism, Money, Witchcraft, Poverty, Family home (grandma’s house). Favoritism Some parents have the tendency of not sharing love in an equal manner to their kids. It starts at a very early stage when they growing up, they donโ€™t treat their kids equally. Especially if thereโ€™s one thatโ€™s doing better than others, either at school or life in general. Those that are not…