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Growing up in a township will sometimes force you to grow up fast, you might skip a few stages of your youth and become an adult at a very young age. Poverty, alcohol, drugs, crime is what most of us grew up being exposed to. Kinder got used to it. I mean it’s part of life,but damn townships can be fun. The things we see everyday,the things that people do that got one saying “God I also wanna be tested with a few thousands, I just wanna see if ill also go crazy”. Ey abantu bayabhayiza (people can be dumb sometimes)… Let me tell you a story about this guy that I know…We will call him Mr M.

Meet Mr M

Mr M got R80 000  CASH from selling a house. A house that was not even his, that money only lasted 1 week. Mr M had a girlfriend and the girlfriend built a 5 room house . The girl would send Mr M to go buy building material, because the girl was mostly at work and Mr M wasn’t working, so Mr M had all the slips. They later on broke up and Mr M sold the house without the girls knowledge, and that’s how he got the money. He carried it with a bag and would show it to everyone. He had a different set of friend’s that spent that whole week with him drinking,and would take a few hundreds for themselves when he was asleep.

Money Spender

If he didn’t feel like drinking with you on that particular day, he’d give you money to go buy your own alcohol and drink it with your friends. So this one time he sent a boy (iphara) to go buy him bread with R200, when the boy came back he told him to keep the change.

After a week the money was all gone and he was back to square 1. The only decent thing he bought with that money was a sound system which was close to R10 000. He went flat broke until a few months later when he sold that sound system for only R2000 which he drank in 1 day.

In the end, he’s aunt had to pay back the R80 000 when the lady got him arrested.The house he lives in is very much empty, with a broken fridge that he did not bother fixing when he got the money! #SphumaElokshini


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