famiy feud
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Families are a gift from God and you can never choose your family members. Growing up in a united loving family is a blessing. Family can make you or they can just about do the exact opposite. My view on what causes this unhealthy habit, includes the following…

Favoritism, Money, Witchcraft, Poverty, Family home (grandma’s house).


Some parents have the tendency of not sharing love in an equal manner to their kids. It starts at a very early stage when they growing up, they don’t treat their kids equally. Especially if there’s one that’s doing better than others, either at school or life in general. Those that are not loved the most grow up resenting the favorite ones.


Although some people may think you are selfish. It is never a good idea to borrow your family members money, because chances of getting it back are next to nothing. If you gonna give them money, give them but honestly don’t expect to get it back.


Believe it or not, families perish through witchcraft. It starts with ones kids doing better than other kids in the family at school, work etc. One will say why are his or her kids not successful, why are they failing at school and so if his or her kids won’t succeed then no kid will. Family members also accuse each other of witchcraft for whatever reason. Kids will be told not to visit relatives and this causes a lot of confusion among kids, eventually they also end up not getting along because of these suspicions.


The poor are treated badly in most cases. If you have nothing in the family you always have to give praise to those with jobs and money because they “feed” you. You’ll find that someone in the family can get you a job, but won’t do it. Why?, because they enjoy being praised, bowed down too and begged for everything. Also if there’s no one working at home this can be a problem because every cent you get you have to contribute towards expenses, while the other ones take all the money they get and drink it.

Family home (grandmothers house)

The day the grandmother passes away is the day the home becomes a home. Right? Long lost aunts and uncles will come and claim their mother’s home and remind everyone who was born out of wedlock that this is not their home. Telling people they must go look for their birth parents, the very same aunt who stayed with the grandmother till her last days gets kicked out of the house.

In conclusion family members can be toxic and at some point you have to distance yourself from some family members for good to keep your sanity, or it could just be Tupperware that’s causing family feud. See below…

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