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Honestly, having more than one female under one roof for a very long time is never a good idea. We are all created differently and we want different things. Especially when it comes to the house and how it looks, and also how we behave around our partners.

I would never stay with my mother in-law under the same roof for a very long time, even though I’m not married yet. Luckily I’ve already met my potential mother in-law and she’s such a sweet heart, maybe it’s because she only gave birth to boys. She loves all her sons but I’ve also seen how close they are, my boyfriend and her.

Who suffers most?

The person who suffers the most under this kind of a setup is the husband. The mother will report to him things like “I don’t like your wife’s cooking, she needs learn how to cook”, while on the other hand the wife will report things like “your mother thinks this is her house now”.

Freedom over everything.

I don’t know about you, but I wanna be free in my house. I want to behave the way I want without being scared of who’s watching. If it’s hot I wanna walk around naked.

I wanna do things with my husband anytime and anywhere. Mother in-law can visit for a week and go back to her house.

In conclusion mother in-law will never be hungry we will send her all she needs, but she can’t stay with us unless she’s really sick and has no one to take care of her. I need my space and peace.

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